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We Educate. We Collaborate. We Craft. 

At BYG! Mixed Greens for the Soul, LLC, we understand that life can be a journey filled with challenges, but we believe that even the most difficult circumstances can be transformed into opportunities for growth and healing.

Our services and products — ranging from classes and workshops to guided journals and feel-good merchandise — are designed to be inclusive, affirming, and sensitive to the diverse identities and backgrounds of our audience. As a woman-owned, minority business, we highlight minority representation among our experts and audience, ensuring that our unique voices, experiences and needs are addressed.


At BYG! Mixed Greens for the Soul, LLC, we believe that by blending traditional therapy with the latest research in positive psychology and lifestyle medicine, we can empower you to transform your life, one step at a time. Join us on this journey to Emotional Freedom.

Emotional Freedom Guided Journal
My Words, My Voice Guided journal
Embrace the Journey Guided Journal
Making Connections Guided Journal
Towards Conscious Motherhood


Our Guided Journals Provide Targeted Intervention For Those On Their Journey Toward Self Healing And Inner Peace. Learn evidence-based skills and strategies as your build your capacity for learning, growth and resilience. 

Newton's Pendulum


From Master Teacher to Wellness Expert

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L'Taundra Everhart, M.Ed
Founder of BYG! Mixed Greens For The Soul, LLC

Our founder's path has been shaped by a deep commitment to education, a passion for sharing knowledge, and a personal connection to the transformative power of addressing trauma through wellness. With more than 20 years of experience as a licensed K-12 administrator and high school teacher, she has dedicated her career to fostering social, emotional, and behavioral health in both children and adults.


But her drive to empower others extends far beyond the classroom. As a former newspaper reporter specializing in mental health stories since 1998, she has witnessed firsthand the profound impact that sharing information and personal narratives can have on de-stigmatizing mental health issues and inspiring change.


This mission has become even more personal due to her family's own history of trauma. With a distant relative who tragically took the lives of his family before being committed to a mental institution, L'Taundra has seen the devastating consequences of untreated mental health struggles.

It is these and other experiences that have fueled a commitment to providing accessible, affordable, and evidence-based solutions for cultivating wellness and personal growth. Through a proprietary framework, BYG! Mixed Greens For The Soul, LLC offers a research-backed approach to wellness, rooted in self-awareness, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence.

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