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SELF-CARE BEYOND BUBBLE BATHS: Creating Your Very Own Sound Garden

Updated: Apr 19

Resonant self-care involves intentionally using sounds and music to create harmony within your mind and spirit. It's about immersing yourself in resonant frequencies that uplift your emotions, reduce stress, and foster inner balance.

Sonic self-care offers a unique channel to connect with your emotions. Resonant sounds, whether through meditation or empowering music, have the power to uplift your spirits, reduce stress, and create a harmonious balance within.

Create a Sound Garden In 5 Easy Steps:

A sound garden is a space intentionally created to provide a soothing and enjoyable auditory experience, often incorporating elements like wind chimes, water features, rustling leaves, and other sounds from nature.

1. Select a quiet and peaceful spot for your sound garden, whether it's a corner of your backyard, a balcony, or a dedicated indoor space.

2. Pick items that produce pleasant sounds. This could include wind chimes, bird feeders, gently flowing water features, or musical instruments like chimes or bells.

3. Add plants and flowers that attract birds and insects, contributing to the overall natural ambiance.

4. Place wind-sensitive elements strategically to take advantage of prevailing winds and enhance the sound experience.

5.  Minimize loud or disruptive noises from nearby sources to maintain a serene environment;

Choose elements that resonate with you personally, creating a space that brings joy and relaxation.

Women’s History Month Fact:

Ella Fitzgerald, the Queen of Jazz, broke racial barriers in the music industry. Her resilience and talent inspire us to find strength in our passions, using the transformative power of music to navigate life's challenges.

What’s In Your Sound Garden?

Share your resonant self-care moments with us! Use #ResonantSelfCare and #SoundGarden on social media, and let's create a symphony of positive vibes together.


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